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Monthly Report in May 2021 (in Japan)

This page presents the monthly report in May 2021 by Japanese radio meteor observers. The activity level, results of meteor showers are reported on this site.

Radio Meteor Observations report in Japan (RMOJ)

The report of Radio Meteor Observations in Japan was published as RMOJ No.235. Observers were as following.
Kenji Fujito, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Masaki Tsuboi, Hironobu Shida, Hirotaka Ohtsuka, Tomohiro Nakamura, Masaki Kano and Hiroshi Ogawa.

Activity Level in May 2021 by all Japanese Observing Stations

η-Aquariids 2021

η-Aquariids 2021 was observed by radio meteor observers in the world. As a results, the activity level was much weaker than annual year. The annual activity level was around 1.0. In this year, however, the maximum activity level was 0.7 at λʘ=45°.15(May 5, 17hUT). The following figure is the result of η-Aquariids 2021 by using worldwide radio meteor observations data. The line shows the average for the period of 2004-2020.


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