History of RMO in Japan

In '1980s, Mr. Kazuhiro SUZUKI started to do Radio Meteor Observation using FM broadcast radio wave. This is the first time in the forward scattering observation in Japan. This observation became famous in the world, many meteor shower activity and outbursts were caught and analyzed. In '1990s, in Japan, the number of FM broadcast stations increased and it became difficult to observe FM observation (FRO). In 1996, the ham beacon station, Mr. Kimio Maegawa suggested to use Ham-band for meteor observation. This is Ham-band Radio Observation called HRO. The transmitting station is very stable and transmits countinous radio wave. Radio observers therefore possible to observer continously. In 2000, Mr. Kazuhiko Ohkawa developed an observing software under Windows operating system and an inexpensive receiver for 53.750MHz only. By defeloping these two observing equipments, it becomes very easy to start Radio Meteor Observation in Japan. In particular, the 53.750MHz receiver is made in Japanese company, ITEC. The cost is about 9,800YEN (Japanese yen). By these developing and making HRO observers network since 2001, the number of observing stations increases and there are over 100 observing stations in Japan now.

Posted by h-ogawa