The Latest Information of Ursids 2020

7 March 2021

The Latest Information of Ursids 2020

This page provides the latest activity information of Ursids by using worldwide Radio Meteor Observations. This information was published by Hiroshi OGAWA and Hirofumi SUGIMOTO (Japan).

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Activity Level information

by Hiroshi OGAWA (Last updated 22:50UT on 23rd Dec.)
Ursids 2020

    • Ogawa H., Toyomasu S., Ohnishi K., and Maegawa K. (2001). “The Global Monitor of Meteor Streams by Radio Meteor Observation all over the world”. In, Warmbein Barbara, editor, Proceeding of the Meteoroids 2001 Conference, 6-10 August 2001, Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna, Sweden. ESA Publications Division, European Space Agency, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, pages 189–191.

Estimated ZHR

by Hirofumi SUGIMOTO

      • CHR_r means the number of meteors subtracted sporadics from total.
      • ZHR_r = CHR_r * 1/sin(h) (h:radiant elevation),(excluding h < 20deg. or over 70deg.)
      • The sporadic meteor is calculated from past data for the period Dec.1st-8th and Dec.16th-21st
      • Sugimoto H. (2017). “The New Method of Estimating ZHR using Radio Meteor Observations”. eMetN, 2,109–110.

Thank you for worldwide radio meteor observers !

This latest information was provided by worldwide radio meteor data published on Radio Meteor Observation Bulletin (RMOB)



Posted by Hiroshi Ogawa