Capricornids Meteor Shower (Peak Time and Date)


Capricornids has the characteristic which is the slow geocentric velocity. Some time, therefore, a fireball with the explosion is seen.
In Radio Meteor Observation, it is difficult to identify this activity because δAquarids is also maximum time around same time. It is impossible to separate Capricornids from total activity. We can observer a lot of meteor echoes from the end of July to the first ten days of August. It seems this activity is provided by δAquarids.

Information of Capricornids

Solar Longitude(MAX)127°
Radiantα = 307° / δ = -10°
featureZHR(max):4, r=2.5, V:25km/s
Parant Cometunknown
ReferenceThe International Meteor Organization


Result of Capricornids is recorded.(mainly Radio Meteor Observation)
icon Result of Capricornids with δ-Aquariids