The Result of April-Lyrids


Annual Variations

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Information (as following list)

YearsourceComments (Time:UT)
2020WorldWideEstimated peak time was later as 32°.6.
2019WorldWideAs same as 2018 Lyrid activity.
2018WorldWideEstimated peak time was later.
2017WorldWideWeaker activity.
2016WorldWideno unusual activity.
2015WorldWideWeaker activity. Estimated peak time was later as 32°.63.
2014WorldWideHigher activity comparing with annual year.
2013WorldWideHigher activity than annual year.
2012WorldWideSub peak was over arounnd solar longitude 32°.12.
2011WorldWideSub peak was obsereved around solar longitude 31°.97.
2010WorldWideno unusual activity.
2009WorldWideSub peak was observed around Solar Longitude=32°.22.
2008WorldWideno unusual activity.
2007WorldWideno unusual activity.
2003WorldWideThe peak was unclear. (around 22nd 16h?)
2002Misato Obs.The peak was 19:00-21:00 on 22nd with HR=42
2001Misato Obs.The peak was 23:00 on 21st with HR=36
2000Chigusa HSIt seems that the peak was around 21:00 on 22nd with HR=20


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