This database provides data by The International Project for Radio Meteor Observation. Although you can see free, please contact me when you use them (about copyright)

Database (each project)

Leonid Project
2001Archive-file(EXE format): 403KBOriginal file:1024KB (MS-Excel)OK
2002Archive-file(EXE format): 510KBOriginal file:1362KB (MS-Excel)OK
2003Archive-file(EXE format): 564KBOriginal file:1448KB (MS-Excel)OK
Perseid Project
2002Archive-file(EXE format): 634KBOriginal file:1649KB (MS-Excel)OK
2003Archive-file(EXE format): 181KBOriginal file:460KB (MS-Excel)OK
Geminid Project
2002Archive-file(EXE format): —KBOriginal file:—KB (MS-Excel)not yet
2003Archive-file(EXE format): 306KBOriginal file:761KB (MS-Excel)OK
Quadrantid Project
2003Archive-file(EXE format): —KBOriginal file:—KB (MS-Excel)not yet
2004Archive-file(EXE format): 403KBOriginal file:691KB (MS-Excel)OK

<Meaning of Excel-Sheet>

–Sheet name of “site” : information of observing sites

–Sheet name of “input” : the number of total echoes

–Sheet name of “long” : the numebr of long echoes

–Sheet name of “radiant”(or “rp”) : a radiant eleveation at each observing station