Monthly Report in December 2022 (in Japan)

5 February 2023

This page presents the monthly report in December 2022 by Japanese radio meteor observers. The estimated activity level, results of meteor showers are reported on this site.


Geminids 2022

Geminids in 2022 showed a same activity level as annual year. The peak was occered at 12:30UT December 14 (λ=262°.17) as following graph (using worldwide radio meteor data). The maximum activity level was 5.0. 

Ursids 2022

The encountering of 843 dust trail was expected at 14:22UT December 22 (λ=270°.391) by Mikiya Sato. As a result, the peak was observed at 21:30UT December 22 (λ=270°.312) by using worldwide data. 

Radio Meteor Observations report in Japan (RMOJ)

The report of Radio Meteor Observations in Japan was published as RMOJ No.254. Observers were as following.
Kenji Fujito, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Masaki Tsuboi, Hirotaka Ohtsuka, Norihiro Nakamura, Masaki Kano, Kazuki Matsushita and Hiroshi Ogawa.

Activity Level in December 2022 by all Japanese Observing Stations


Posted by Hiroshi Ogawa