Monthly Report in August 2023 (in Japan)

This page presents the monthly report in August 2023 by Japanese radio meteor observers. The estimated activity level, results of meteor showers are reported on this site.


δ-Aquariids 2023

At the end of July, δ-Aquariids 2023 started. After that, a peak was over around July 30 02h30m. The peak was weaker and later than a past average.

delta-Aquariids 2023
δ-Aquariids 2023 by using worldwide radio meteor observations (C)IPRMO

Perseids 2023

Perseids 2023 showed three peaks. One was an annual activity around August 13 06h30m. Before this peak, a sharp peak was observed around August 13 03h30m. After the annual peark, a subpeak was observed around August 14 05h30m. You can see a detail result on MeteorNews.

Perseids 2023
Perseids 2023 using worldwide radio meteor observations (C)IPRMO

Radio Meteor Observations report in Japan (RMOJ)

The report of Radio Meteor Observations in Japan was published as RMOJ No.262. Observers were as following.
Kenji Fujito, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Masaki Tsuboi, Hirotaka Ohtsuka, Norihiro Nakamura, Masaki Kano, Hiroshi Suzuki and Hiroshi Ogawa.

Activity Level in August 2023 by all Japanese Observing Stations

Activitiy Level in August 2023, Japan


Posted by Hiroshi Ogawa