April Lyrids Meteor Showers (Peak time and Condition)


April Lyrids reach its maximum at the end of April every year. April Lyrids sometimes shows outbursts such as 1922, 1945 and 1982. Its peak is very narrow and sharp. In Radio Meteor Observations, April Lyrid activity is caught every year. But it is very weak activity level and norrow period. The peak occured at λ=32°.2. This is earier than visual observation peak at λ=32°.32.

Information of Lyrids

Name (code)April Lyrids (006 LYR)
ActiveVisual(IMO)14th April – 30th April
Radio(IPRMO)22nd April – 23rd April
Radiantα = 271° / δ = +34°
featureZHR(max):18, r=2.1, V:49km/s
Radio) Maximum Activity Level=0.6 FWHM:-0°.40/+0°.60
Parant CometC/1861G1 Thatcher

Reference and Useful Links

2021 Meteor Shower Calendar (International Meteor Organization)
– A new Working List of meteor showers (Rainer Arlt et al), WGN 34:3(2006)
– Meteor Shower Workbook 2014 (J.Rendtel) – International Meteor Organization (2014)
– Major and Daytime Meteor Showers using Radio Meteor Observation in the World covering the period 2001-2016(H.Ogawa and C.Steyaert), WGN 45:4(2017)
The American Meteor Society (AMS)

Conditions in the future (2021-2025) for Radio Meteor Observations

Below lists are observig conditions for radio meteor observers in 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 and 2025. This is listed for radio observers (NOT for visual observers). You can see visual observing conditions as following AMS site.
icon Conditions for Visual Observers (by AMS)

North America

Time : Daylite-Saving Time

YearPeak Time and Condition (λ=32°.32)Comments for Radio Obs.
YearPeak Time and Condition
202110h 22nd Apr.Good09h 22nd Apr.Good08h 22nd Apr.Good07h 22nd Apr.Good06h 22nd Apr.Goodunder good conditions
202216h 22nd Apr.Bad15h 22nd Apr.Bad14h 22nd Apr.Bad13h 22nd Apr.Bad12h 22nd Apr.Normalbetter condition at western
202322h 22nd Apr.Good21h 22nd Apr.Good20h 22nd Apr.Good19h 22nd Apr.Good18h 22nd Apr.Goodbetter condition at eastern
202404h 22nd Apr.Good03h 22nd Apr.Good02h 22nd Apr.Good01h 22nd Apr.Good00h 22nd Apr.Goodunder good conditions
202510h 22nd Apr.Good09h 22nd Apr.Good08h 22nd Apr.Good07h 22nd Apr.Good06h 22nd Apr.Goodunder good conditions

Major cities (example)
AST(Halifox, etc.), EST(NewYork,Ottawa, etc.), CST(Cicago, etc.), MST(Denver, etc.), PST(LosAngeles, etc.)

Other area

Time : Standard Time (NOT daylight-saving time)

YearPeak Time and Condition (λ=32°.32)Comments for Radio Obs.
YearPeak and Condition
202113h 22nd Apr.Bad14h 22nd Apr.Bad width=18h 22nd Apr.Bad22h 22nd Apr.GoodJapan is better condtion
202219h 22nd Apr.Normal20h 22nd Apr.Normal00h 23nd Apr.Best04h 23nd Apr.Bestbetter condition in Asia
202301h 23nd Apr.Best02h 23nd Apr.Best06h 23nd Apr.Best10h 23nd Apr.Normalbetter condition in Europe
202407h 22nd Apr.Best08h 22nd Apr.Best12h 22nd Apr.Bad16h 22nd Apr.BadEurope under good condition
202513h 22nd Apr.Good14h 22nd Apr.Good18h 22nd Apr.Good22h 22nd Apr.GoodJapan is better condition

GMT:United Kingdom, CET:Itarly, IST:India, JST:Japan

Results of April-Lyrids

Result of April Lyrids by using worldwide Radio Meteor Observations.
icon Results of April-Lyrids