The result of October Draconids


This page provides the result of October Draconids by using radio meteor observations.

Annual Variations

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Information (as following list)

YearsourceComments (Time:UT)
2020WorldWideThe predicted outburst was caught around λ=194°.05. The peak level was not high.
2019WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2018WorldWideThe clear high activity was seen around 1h(UT) on 9th (λ=195°.46).
2017WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2016WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2015WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2014WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2013WorldWideThe weak activity was seen although some data were over usual level.
2012WorldWideThe clear activity was seen although it was weaker than 2011.
2011WorldWideThe clear high activity was seen around 19h-20h on 8th.
2010WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2009WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2008WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2007WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2006WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2005WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2004WorldWideNon unusal activity.
2000Misato Obs.Altough the outburst by visual was observed, it was unclear by radio.
1999Chigusa HSThe outburst 11:00-12:00 9th was obseverd.


Introduction and observing conditions are provided this content.
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