Result of Daytime Capricornids/Sagittariids

17 February 2021

The peak time of Capricornids/Sagittariids around 1st February (Solar Longitude λ=312°.5) by International Meteor Organization(IMO). Radio Meteor Observation has not caught a clear activity every year. In the long time analysis, however, it has a possibility to catch the very weak activity. Although this project estimates very weak activity profile, it is too weak to say clear activity.

Results of Capricornids/Sagittariids every year

There was no clear activity since 2010.

Long Term Activity Profile

annual variation of 115DCS

source Solar Longitude FWHM Peak Activity Level
2010-2019 λ=312°.4 -2°.0 / +2°.0 0.1
2010-2016 λ=312°.9 -2°.0 / +2°.0 0.1


icon Introduction of Capricornids/Sagittariids

Posted by Hiroshi Ogawa