Past Results of Daytime Meteor Showers

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List of Daytime Meteor Showers

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Code Meteor Shower Results
115 DCS Capricornids/Sagittariids The activity peak was around solar longitude λ=312°.4.
114 DXC χ-Capricornids not calculated yet…
128 MKA κ-Aquariids not calculated yet…
144 APS April Piscids not calculated yet…
152 NOC Northern ω-Cetids not detected clearly
153 OCE Southern ω-Cetids It is possible to detect under separating compornents.
154 DEA ε-Arietids This activity level was very weak.
294 DMA May Arietids not detected clearly
293 DCE ο-Cetids Only 2018, the activity level increased around λ=59°.6.
171 ARI Arietids The peak is estimated λ=78°.0. In 2011, activity was weaker than annual year.
172 ZPE ζ-Perseids A half activity level of Arietids (171ARI). Estimated peak was λ=84°.8.
325 DLT λ-Taurids not calculated yet…
173 BTA β-Taurids not detected clearly
188 XRI ξ-Orionids not calculated yet…
202 ZCA ζ-Cancrids not calculated yet…
203 GLE γ-Leonids not calculated yet…
212 KLE κ-Leonids not calculated yet…
221 DSX Sextantids An estimated peak was around λ=188°.8. 2011, 14, and 17 were clearly comparing with annual year.

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