Monthly Report in May 2023 (in Japan)

This page presents the monthly report in May 2023 by Japanese radio meteor observers. The estimated activity level, results of meteor showers are reported on this site.


η-Aquariids 2023

Thea peak of η-Aquariids was over at the first ten days of May. The peak was occured at λ=44°.9 – 45°.1 with Activity Level = 1.8. Although the activity level was higher than annual year, it did not reaech to 2013 activity.

eta-Aquariids 2023
η-Aquariids 2023 (line: 2023 activity, dushed: 2013 activity) using 43 data in 12 countries

Camelopardalids 2023

Some dust trails released parent comet 209P/LINEAR were expected in this year. According to result of IPRMO, there was no clear activity.

Camelopardalids 2023
Camelopardalids 2023 using 39 data in 11 countries

Radio Meteor Observations report in Japan (RMOJ)

The report of Radio Meteor Observations in Japan was published as RMOJ No.259. Observers were as following.
Kenji Fujito, Hirofumi Sugimoto, Masaki Tsuboi, Hirotaka Ohtsuka, Norihiro Nakamura, Masaki Kano, Hiroshi Suzuki and Hiroshi Ogawa.

Activity Level in May 2023 by all Japanese Observing Stations

Activity Level in May 2023 (Japan)


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